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Prismatica is our vision of a synergistic future with a lore driven, crafting-focused NFT trading card game.

Lore and network effects are integrated into everything that we do to maximize player fun.
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of Prismatica

A long time ago, phoenixes lived in harmony with humans and other races who all lived on different planets on the World Tree. Occasionally, phoenixes open portals between different worlds to travel between them.

However, the Demon Emperor of the planet of Aza realized that he can enslave phoenixes inside the energy reactor of his airship to travel between worlds however he pleases. Now he's invading the other worlds and the other factions have to fight off his invasions.

Life on all planets on World Tree is powered by Phoenix Essence, which is represented by our cryptocurrency. Phoenixes shed Phoenix Essence as they fly around freely.

This is more powerful than in-game gold, because the in-game currency is the life force that holds the World Tree together, and is also what holds the game together technologically in the real world.


of Prismatica

In the beginning of Prismatica, there were only the tree and the phoenix. As the phoenix fed on the leaves of the tree, the tree collected the bird's feathers.

In time, the tree bore fruit, which became the multiverse of the Prismatica. While many worlds come into life only to die, five of the realms have come to house the five factions of the Prismatica multiverse.

On the clearest of days, people living on the various worlds can catch glimpses of the twinkling iridescent feather leaves of the world tree in the night sky, much like seeing the Milky Way or Aurora Borealis in our own night skies.

It is the Phoenix energy that breathes life into the realms of the five factions, granting prosperity, but also the potential for war, conquest, and the power to sever space time to invade other worlds. This is multiverse of Prismatica.

Explore the five factions

The Prismatica world tree is a multiverse comprising of multiple small worlds, with some as small as a city. Five of these are the central hubs of the playable factions. Some theorize that our own real world universe is also a world on Prismatica, yet to be discovered by these other factions.


Spiritual Theocracy
Lives, worlds, and civilizations may come and go, but the sacrifice of a single life is at least worth the understanding of Prismatica.

All beings of the Turquoise Prism must know the tenets of enlightenment, and they will sacrifice anything for society’s arc.


Organic 3D Printing and Regeneration
As old as the Greens are, some of their elders have seen what the young of their civilization consider the beginning of time.

In harmony with their environment, the Greens have learned to regenerate their bodies, prolonging their lives and the pursuit of enlightenment.


Mercantile Empire
For God and Country, the (Purple) tame the treacherous expanses of the Prism, exacting rule over the realm.

Opposition and peril are obstacles, and they will fight to the bitter end to ensure victory.

All land and citizens are subject to the Purple and are at behest of the kingdom. Having harnessed the power of the Phoenix, the Purple’s vast ships patrol on all planes.


Chaotic Shapeshifting Horde
No corner of the Prism is safe from the Red.

No borders and no form, these chaotic shapeshifters appear in hordes without warning, and no victory is satisfaction enough for the tribe.


Rationalist Democracy
Many civilizations have risen and fallen in Prismatica, but the Gold have looked on each in solemn, perverse serenity.

Their bodies and magic have long since passed with the death of their Phoenix, but eons of perfecting technology and social engineering preserve their society.

discover nft cards

Equipment Cards

Equip your party with equipment items that fit in predefined slots. If you play a new card of the same type, it replaces the previous card.
Equipment cards have durability that goes down every time you play them. You can upgrade and repair them with crafting materials. Mint condition equipments are highly valuable. So strategize if you want to play your best cards in every game!

Hero Class Cards

Get ready for dozens of hero classes, each with original artwork and unique abilities, stats, and attributes. In game, you can either stack the same class cards to level up or choose to multi-class.

Skill Cards

Skill cards are class-specific. In game, you may only play skill cards of a class after playing that hero class card. Skill cards may be one of 4 types:
Active - Tap card to activate skill once per turn.
Enchant - Tap card for a buff that lasts x number of turns.
Passive - Passive buff.
Aura - Passive buff with a per-turn upkeep cost. Only one aura may be active at a time.
We will be launching the closed alpha shortly.
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